Animal Communication Consulting

for Peaceful Households, & Excellent Zoos and Sanctuaries

Searching for understanding of what an animal in your care is going through?

With a deeper understanding, we all can move forward together.

BEFORE the High and Far-Off Times, O my Best Beloved, came the Time of the Very Beginnings; and that was in the days when the Eldest Magician was getting Things ready.

~ Rudyard Kipling, Just So Stories

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Jan Brueghel the Elder, 1615 (Royal Collection Trust)

If an animal you are responsible for is giving you paws ((sorry!)),

it’s easy to feel helpless when you’ve exhausted all the usual options and you still can’t understand what they are experiencing, or why they are doing what they are doing..

But you aren’t helpless and you can understand them.

Through intuitive interspecies communication, we can help you and them.

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NEW! AC for Non-Psychics Webinar Recording

This sweet online workshop guides you through steps anyone can do, as long as you have breath and a heart—to unlock your innate and unique gift of how you can hear animals. Contains a free-to-fail exercise with a very special animal—& priced at £10/$14!

I’m Laura Marjorie Miller.

I’m a professional animal communicator and O Best Beloved is my company. I achieved my professional certification through AnimalTalk Africa, an academy based in Cape Town. I chose the program for it includes wild as well as domesticated animals because I want to be versatile and able to serve as many different kinds of animals as possible—and for its rigorous peer review and high code of ethics. Since then, I have worked with wild animals in sanctuaries around the globe, in addition to people’s beloved dogs, cats, and horses.

I chose this path after a successful career as a features writer because instead of writing about animals from outside and hoping people would listen, I could actually help bridge the gulf that has divided humans from other animals—to help humans understand the animals in their lives and in their care, and also to reawaken their own unique intuitive gifts so that eventually “AC”s like me will be unnecessary. I choose to embody the change I wish to see in the world.

Let’s Work Together

Specialized packages come and go (get the guide below or follow on social for the latest!),

these are the O Best Beloved classic consultation offerings.

I Need An Intervention! Triage Package

This is a one-off consultation for a specific issue you’d like to address with your animal. It involves intro and follow-up sessions with me, a communication session by me with your animal, and action steps for you to take. Great for those new to AC work! Check out Triage HERE.


A delightful four-week program that involves all members of your family, as many as want to participate! It begins with intervention work as above, then adds two weeks of exercises, action steps, and private coaching to get your own AC skills turned ON. With your animal family member as your facilitator! This one is superb for nurturing sensitivity in children, and fantastically bonding for families to do together. Check out FAMANIMALS HERE.

Sanctuary Life

For zoos and sanctuaries who wish to add another dimension to their animal care, who are adjusting a habitat, or have an animal in their care with specific needs they want to address—this is a rich bespoke offering customizable to your institution’s unique resources and needs. Find Sanctuary Life HERE.

Would you like to know how you and your animal

can co-create solutions to issues,

Best Beloved?

The Interspecies Diplomacy webinar recording

awaits you HERE, and it’s gratis:


How can I help you? Email me at

“THIS, O my Best Beloved, is a story—a new and a wonderful story—a story quite different from the other stories.”

~ Rudyard Kipling, Just So Stories

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is chosen as a cover image for the timeless nature of this work.

AC can restore humans to the deep understanding of animals that is our birthright.

© 2020 O Best Beloved Animal Communication

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