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Animal Communication Can Be a Blessing for Activists in Their Work ~

Activism on behalf of animals' rights and welfare is a heart-borne calling. Whether that takes the form of physical demonstrations, social media posts, sharing petitions, intervening for animals' lives in perilous circumstances, or 'attractivism' , investing one's energy for the love of animals is an act of deep service.

It is also service that can bring a great deal of emotional challenge from being embattled with opposing interests, and even the energetic burnout of compassion fatigue. For a long time animal activism has run on a parallel course as animal communication—the intuitive act of connecting with real animals telepathically to understand their points of view in order to help make life better for them.

These two fields have a lot to say to each other.

As an animal communicator with experience in animal activism, I created a webinar to address how the techniques of 'AC' (animal communication) can be of benefit to activists:

  • by helping you understand the experiences of the animals you champion so as to serve them more effectively
  • through mindfulness techniques that help find a way around projection and cool down emotional alarm
  • through the discovery of original, non-human perspectives to problems
  • by grounding in a field of something huge and forever, so you can avoid burnout and don't feel like you have to do anything all alone
Laura Marjorie Miller
This self-portrait was taken in the Boston underground, during a break to warm up at a demonstration for dolphins outside the Japanese consulate. The temperature was well below zero that day!

I am a professional animal communicator certified through AnimalTalk Africa, chosen for its code of ethics, extensive peer-reviewed portfolio requirements, and emphasis on wild animals as well as domesticated ones. My business, O Best Beloved Animal Communication, serves private families in the US and UK as well as sanctuaries around the globe. I coach my clients in AC approaches so they will have evolving relationships with the animals in their care, and to foster a kinder world for human people and animals. I also am a dedicated wildlife rehab and shelter volunteer.

The AC for Activists webinar exemplifies the core values of O Best Beloved, including re-equipping us with confidence in our gifts of connection, and repairing the tear in our perception that causes humans to believe we can't directly understand what animals are feeling. This tear in our perception is what causes exploitation and cruelty to animals to occur, and the pain of separation is something all of us have inherited to some degree. I am proud to offer AC for Activists through the beautiful SendOwl platform for 14 USD.

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Yours sincerely,
Laura Marjorie Miller

Are you interested in exploring farther into animal communication, Best Beloved?
Look into AC for Non-Psychics to open up to your training!

Animal Communication
for Activists
Webinar Recording

Animal Photographs by Timothy Brown (top) and Jeremy Hynes (bottom), via Unsplash