Animal Communication
for Non-Psychics
Workshop Recording!

Do you long to be able to communicate with animals but believe you lack the gift?


Even if you consider yourself “thick as a plank,” your ability to hear animals speak is innate and inborn. You simply have to recognize what your ability to do it looks like—which may be quite different from what you associate with a pet psychic!

This empowering, creative, and supportive Animal Communication workshop incorporates instruction and a free-to-fail remote practice session in a safe space for anyone who loves and cares for animals, especially for those who feel like they left those dreams back in their childhood long ago. Laura Marjorie Miller of O Best Beloved Animal Communication will empower you in adding something to your life of real value.

“AC” can increase your animal’s quality of life, decrease your stress at home, on a walk, or in your veterinarian’s office, and shift your understanding in a way that accords us a more peaceful co-existence on our planet.

Laura Marjorie Miller

I'm a professional animal communicator certified through AnimalTalk Africa, which I chose for its code of ethics, extensive peer-reviewed portfolio requirements, and emphasis on wild animals as well as domestics. My business, O Best Beloved Animal Communication, serves private families in the US and UK as well as sanctuaries around the globe. I coach clients in AC approaches so they will have evolving relationships with the animals in their care, and to foster a kinder world for human people and animals. I also am a dedicated wildlife rehab and shelter volunteer.

The Inaugural OBB Workshop
From Laura:

Originally hosted through the esteemed Mind Body Spirit Festival, this online workshop exemplifies the core values of O Best Beloved, including re-equipping us with confidence in our unique gifts, and repairing the tear in our perception that makes humans believe we can't hear animals speak or understand what they are feeling.  I am proud to offer it through the beautiful SendOwl platform for $14 USD. 

Do click through the portal above and it will arrive to your inbox via the Owl Service!

Yours sincerely,
Laura Marjorie Miller

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself which you have built against it.
~ A Course In Miracles

Animal Photographs by Devon Janse van Rensburg (cat) and Eugene Chysiatov (dog), via Unsplash