What happens on a Power Hour?

Besides sounding faintly evangelical, an animal communication power hour is a session where you can book in time to discuss anything you’d like regarding animal communication coaching.

If you're considering booking in a Power Hour and want to know what you’ll get from it, please send me an email at: 
or a DM on social media if you'd like to learn more!


What's In An Hour?

A Power Hour is great if you want to work with me on points of Animal Communication coaching and questions you may have about doing AC. I can offer personalized suggestions about what you can do with your unique spectrum of gifts which everyone has.

It can be a breakthrough session for you!

A Power Hour is an affordable way to hone your skills and have a great brainstorm together. It is perfect as a follow-up to the FAMANIMALS coaching package or as a stand-alone.

Power Hour is NOT:
Me doing AC for you.That is accomplished in a private communication session
such as is included in the Triage Package 
and in FAMANIMALS month-long coaching. 

A Power Hour IS:
Me supporting you to use the tools you already have available, both intuitively and that you have learned about and want to try out for yourself. It is you working personally with the animals in your life with the benefit of knowledge from a professionally certified animal communication practitioner.


I'll reach out to you and we'll set up a time to talk. That can be over the 'phone, or Skype or Zoom, or WhatsApp. 

Bring your questions and we'll break some blocks and build up your strengths together!

You'll get a one-hour 1:1 consultancy session with personalized advice and action points to keep you on track!

AC Is For Everyone


It really is. Not just for a special few. Animal Communication is part of the birthright of all beings on Earth and it's important to me to support that reawakening in other humans as much as I can.

Ready to book your own Power Hour, Best Beloved?
First, read over the Terms & Conditions and let's go!


Okay, Best Beloved! I've read the Terms & Conditions and am ready to book in!
King (Dog) Biscuit Power Hour
King (Dog) Biscuit Power Hour